Bill the golden retreiver cocker spaniel cross sits at Zilker Park in Austin


CRO, Chief Retention Officer

Bill (aka “Wild Bill”, “Billiam”, and “Billsbury Dough Boy”) weighs in at 38 lbs and stands 17” tall to his shoulder when he’s not jumping around from his sheer love of life. From the moment we saw a picture of Bill in May of 2018, we knew this Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix had to become part of our family, so we rescued him from Houston where he was in-line for euthanasia.



When Bill is not racing around the house looking for balls to play with, he can be found strutting his golden locks all over Austin on his afternoon walks. In a recent interview with Bill, he states “the Greenbelt, Barton Springs, and of course the food trucks are just a few of my favorite things in Austin.” Bill is also a bit of celebrity in Austin and abroad as he loves to travel to the mountains, to the beaches, and everywhere in between.


  • 3.5 Years of Chasing Balls
  • 9,000+ Steps per Day
  • Canine Influencer on Instagram


  • Tennis Balls – smaller preferred
  • Eating – anything, at all times
  • South Austin and Downtown Cafes
  • Sleeping
  • Traveling

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