Wilson Tower: Austin's Tallest Residential High-Rise Sets New Heights

Austin, the dynamic "Silicon Hills" of Texas, is set to welcome a groundbreaking addition to its skyline. HKS, an Austin-based office, has unveiled plans for the Wilson Tower, a remarkable 80-story residential high-rise that will reach a height of 315 meters. With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and innovative design, the Wilson Tower aims to address Austin's housing crisis while solidifying the city's status as a thriving center of technology and culture.

Image source HKS

Austin's Rise as a Technological Hub

Nicknamed “Silicon Hills,” Austin has emerged as a prominent hub for technology and startups, drawing comparisons to California’s renowned “Silicon Valley.” The city’s low cost of living, business-friendly environment, and vibrant culture have attracted major companies like Tesla, Google, and Microsoft. However, rapid growth has also led to a housing crisis. The Wilson Tower represents a significant step towards providing high-quality, modern living spaces to meet the increasing demand.

Image source HKS

Prime Location and Redevelopment

The Wilson Tower will occupy a coveted spot in downtown Austin, close to the University of Texas at Austin, the lively 6th Street Entertainment District, the Austin Convention Center, and the new Downtown Light Rail Station. With an extension of 0.8 acres and spanning a half-city block, this ambitious project will replace the historic Avenue Lofts, breathing new life into the area and contributing to Austin’s ongoing redevelopment efforts.

Innovative Design and Unmatched Amenities

The tower’s design showcases both form and function. It will be enveloped in a brise soleil, providing protection from the scorching Texas sun and wind while adding structural strength. This unique feature creates shaded outdoor spaces on every level, ensuring comfortable living environments. Residents of the Wilson Tower will enjoy stunning skyline views, expansive outdoor terraces, and lush gardens. The development will boast a signature ground-floor restaurant and four full floors dedicated to amenities, including a pool deck, fitness center, movie theater, coworking spaces, and even a floor dedicated to pet-friendly facilities.

Image source HKS

Setting New Standards for Residential Living

Once completed, the Wilson Tower will proudly claim the title of the tallest residential tower in the United States outside of New York City. This architectural masterpiece will not only provide much-needed housing but will also redefine luxury living in Austin. The project represents a collaboration between HKS, Britt Design Group, and Wilson Capital, ensuring a combination of expertise and innovation.

Expanding Horizons: CMNTY Culture Campus:

In addition to the Wilson Tower, HKS has been selected (alongside landscape designer Hood Design Studio) to create the CMNTY Culture Campus in the heart of Hollywood. This ambitious project aims to bring together creative industries in a sprawling 500,000-square-foot development. With production spaces, offices, and performance venues, the CMNTY Culture Campus will serve as a vibrant hub for artistic expression and collaboration.

Image source HKS

The Wilson Tower’s visionary design, exceptional amenities, and prime location embody Austin’s spirit of innovation and growth. As Austin continues to thrive as a technological and cultural center, this ambitious high-rise development serves as a beacon of progress, offering luxurious living spaces while addressing the city’s housing needs. With the Wilson Tower’s groundbreaking design and elevated lifestyle offerings, Austin’s skyline is set to reach new heights, further solidifying its reputation as a vibrant and forward-thinking city.

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