Vanessa Beretta, agent with the Giles Group Real Estate in Austin, Texas

Vanessa Beretta


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  • 4 Years in Real Estate
  • Licensed in FL and TX
  • New Development Specialist


  • Physical Fitness
  • Reading
  • Boating
  • Travel
  • Dogs
Meet Vanessa Beretta, REALTOR with the Giles Group in Austin, Texas. Vanessa walks down the road with Swedish Hill bakery visible behind her, smiling. The image is a banner for a video about Vanessa.
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Vanessa Beretta

About Vanessa

Vanessa Beretta was raised in South Florida, she ventured out to New York City shortly after graduating from Florida State University. It was there she began her professional career selling orthopedic implants. Working in the high-stress surgical environment of level one trauma centers in NYC taught her how to remain calm under pressure, and how to effectively communicate and close deals with overworked and overwhelmed surgeons.


This experience afforded Vanessa the skills needed to successfully transition into residential real estate. She quickly became an integral part of the #1 team in NYC – the record-breaking Serhant Team, featured on Million Dollar Listing NYC. After two years of success in NYC’s competitive environment, Vanessa relocated to Austin for a change of pace and a lifestyle that is more her speed.


Vanessa prides herself on the lasting relationships she maintains with her clients. Her commitment to excellence is evident as she aims to make every transaction, regardless of scale, a successful and enjoyable process. Vanessa is poised to apply the lessons learned in NYC’s unforgiving sales environment to provide invaluable insight and support for every client. She looks forward to working with you!

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