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Transforming Lives in South Africa and Uganda: The Heart That Gives Foundation

The Mission

Founded by Fay Lowry in 2017, The Heart That Gives Foundation (THTGF) is a 501c3 organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and improving lives in the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa, as well as helping orphan children and disabled people in Uganda. With almost half of South Africa’s adult population living in poverty and Uganda having over 2.5 million orphans, the foundation aims to be a lifeline to those in dire need.

The People Behind the Mission

Inspired and deeply moved during a mission trip to South Africa in 2016, Founder Fay Lowry established The Heart That Gives Foundation. She’s joined by Erickson Mcineka, the South African Director who had prior experience with nonprofits, and Pamba Tomasi Gainnes, THTGF’s Ugandan Director and founder of St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels Orphanage.

Key Initiatives

THTGF’s main areas of focus are hunger relief, educational support, and healthcare, primarily targeting vulnerable populations in South Africa and Uganda. In Uganda, the foundation works closely with St. Elizabeth’s Home of Angels Orphanage, supporting more than 38 in-house children and 300 community children attending their primary school.


The Giles Group in Austin, Texas, has teamed up with THTGF to contribute to building homes in South Africa. For each home we help our clients buy or sell, proceeds are donated to this cause. Additionally, the foundation has joined hands with the University of Kentucky to offer students study-abroad programs focused on early education and kindergarten in South Africa.

Why it Matters

THTGF is more than just an organization; it’s a movement. South Africa grapples with a massive HIV epidemic, leaving many children orphaned. Uganda, on the other hand, faces a child mortality crisis where only 95 out of 100 children survive to the age of 5. THTGF aims to change these statistics, one life at a time.


In a world where inequalities are rampant, THTGF serves as a beacon of hope. Its initiatives not only aim to provide immediate relief but also work to empower individuals for a brighter, sustainable future.


In a nutshell, The Heart That Gives Foundation exemplifies the transformative power of collective compassion and action. By choosing to support their mission, you’re not just giving aid; you’re giving hope, opportunities, and, most importantly, a chance for a better life.


Support their cause and become part of the transformation.

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