Sport the Great Pyrenees German Sherphed mix sits on a sidewalk before lush green landscaping at a home.


CSO, Chief Security Officer

Sport (aka, “Sporticus”,” Sporty”, and “Barky von Schnauzer”) is one of the most sensitive and loving pups you will ever find. However, he has never lost sight of his German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees roots by being too smart for his own good and fearfully loyal to his pack. Sport became part of our family 9 years ago when we rescued him at 3 months of age from Austin Pets Alive. In fact, we met him on Father’s Day in 2013, the day after APA picked him up from a nearby kill shelter after learning of his fate.


Despite his love of the outdoors, Sport can also be found lounging on the couch, hours on end, watching documentaries and trashy television. When recently asked for his favorite time of year Sport answered, “road trips to Aspen in the summer where I have the undivided attention of my hoomans and many new smells. Oh and Bill is pretty cool too.”


  • 9 Years of Shedding
  • 10,500+ Steps per Day
  • Over 6,600 Meals Enjoyed


  • Chasing Squirrels
  • Bones – marrow preferred
  • Walks – all day, everyday
  • All Natural & Organic Diet
  • Public Parks

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