Protest Your Property Valuation & Reduce Your Property Taxes on Your Home

Protest Your Austin Property Taxes Now 🏠✂️

With home values down 15%+ year over year in Austin, DON’T SKIP protesting this year’s property valuation. Reach out if we can provide you with comps!


In 2023, home prices are down year over year. Lower home prices should translate to lower property taxes, but if you skip protesting your home’s valuation, you may end up paying more than you should.


By challenging the valuation, you have the opportunity to provide evidence that your property is worth less than what the government is assessing it for, potentially leading to a significant reduction in your property taxes. This is a valuable way to help ensure that you are not overpaying and that your tax burden is more fairly allocated.

Protest Deadline: May 15, 2023

Resources for protesting taxes:


> Texas ProTax: https://texasprotax.com

> Home Shield Tax: https://hometaxshield.com

> Five Stone: https://www.fivestonetax.com/property-tax/


Every dollar counts!
Reach out to The Giles Group to provide current comparable properties for your protest.

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