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From the Desk of Wade: Where we stand on interest rates (ft. Sean Condon)

An In-depth Discussion On Austin's Mortgage Landscape

Today, I'm sitting down with Sean Condon of First United Mortgage Group, a seasoned expert in mortgage lending. We're diving into the current state of mortgage interest rates in Austin, Texas, and how they're impacting the real estate market. Sean is all about providing valuable information to folks looking to buy or sell their homes, so he's sharing his expertise and future forecasts for the housing market with us today.

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Navigating the complex world of real estate requires a deep dive into the intricacies of mortgage interest rates, making the guidance of an expert invaluable. That’s where Sean Condon comes in – a name that the Giles Group confidently recommends for anyone stepping into Austin’s real estate market. Sean isn’t just any mortgage professional; he’s a standout in Travis County and Austin, known for leading his team to the top—recognized as the #1 Mortgage Producer by the Austin Business Journal and ranked among the nation’s Top 25 Mortgage Originators.

What sets Sean and his team apart is their personal touch. They make the mortgage process smooth and straightforward by bringing everything under one roof—from underwriting to closing. This approach not only speeds things up but also adds a layer of transparency and customization that’s hard to find elsewhere. For Sean, it’s more than just lending; it’s about crafting a path to homeownership that aligns perfectly with each client’s financial goals. With his guidance, the path to buying a home in Austin becomes a lot less daunting and a lot more exciting.

Questions and Answers

What are the current mortgage interest rates in Austin, Texas?

“Mortgage rates have recently increased over 7 percent, influenced by rising inflation rates. The Austin Average for a 30-year fixed conforming loan stands at 7.0% / 7.11 APR, with variations across different loan types and lenders. Despite daily fluctuations, rates are relatively stable, providing a unique opportunity for buyers.”

How do current interest rates impact buyers in Austin, Texas?

“Despite the recent uptick, the overall impact on monthly payments remains minimal. With predictions of rates stabilizing in the coming months, now presents an opportune time for purchasing before the market becomes more competitive. The anticipated Federal Reserve cuts could further enhance buyer sentiment and property values.”

What are your predictions for mortgage interest rates in the coming months?

“The market is expected to experience slight fluctuations, with rates influenced by various economic indicators. However, a sense of optimism is warranted, with predictions of rate reductions in late spring or early summer, potentially leading to a more favorable lending environment.”

Have you observed an uptick in mortgage transactions in Austin, Texas, recently?

“Yes, there has been a significant increase in pre-approval applications, indicating a robust start to the year. This trend suggests a growing optimism about housing in Austin, with interest rates being accepted as the new norm. The coming months may offer the best purchasing conditions before market dynamics shift.”

What is your overall assessment of the Austin housing market?

“2024 represents a year of opportunity for buyers in Austin, with potential for significant appreciation in value over time. For sellers, the market appears to be recovering, offering a favorable environment for transactions. The balance between buying and selling is key to market normalization and growth.”


  1. Opportunity Knocks: Now is an opportune time to buy in Austin, with stable interest rates and potential for future appreciation.
  1. Market Optimism: The uptick in mortgage preapprovals signals a positive outlook for Austin’s housing market.
  1. Strategic Moves: Both buyers and sellers have unique opportunities in 2024, making it crucial to act strategically – and with the right guidance.

Whether looking to buy or sell, now is the time to explore Austin’s real estate opportunities. 

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