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From the Desk of Wade:

Our hearts are full - welcoming baby harlow

I am overjoyed to share the news of the arrival of our precious daughter, Harlow, born on May 9.

Throughout my life, my mom has always told me that there's no love quite like a parent's love for their child. I never truly grasped what she meant until the Thursday morning I first laid eyes on Harlow. In that instant, I fell completely in love with her. Just looking at her brings tears to my eyes... my heart physically aches with the depth of my love for her.

All I can think about now is how to protect her, keep her safe, healthy, and happy. I’m already wrapped around her little finger. I am beyond grateful for this incredible gift and for Maddie, who brought Harlow into the world. What you’ve done for us is truly extraordinary, and words can’t begin to express our gratitude for having you as part of this journey. Our family feels so much more complete now.

The sacrifices Maddie, Justin, and their Lucas have made for me and Jeffrey are immeasurable, and they have done it all with the utmost kindness, grace, and most importantly, love. This journey has bonded us in such an incredible way, and I’m so thankful that our family has grown by so much more than one. 🥰 What a gift. We will never be able to adequately thank you for what you’ve done for us.

I can't wait to share more updates and cherish every moment as we navigate this amazing journey of parenthood. Welcome to the world, Harlow—you are deeply loved!