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From the Desk of Wade:

Homes and Heartbeats

As we embark on the final stretch of November here in Austin, with the pecan trees shedding their leaves and a crisp, cool breeze hinting at winter's approach, we find ourselves in a truly special season. It's a time that's just as much about reflection as it is about anticipation—a moment to hit pause and give thanks before we ride into the holiday hustle and the promises of a New Year.

It’s been a real roller coaster of a year, hasn’t it? Nowhere has this ride been more evident than in the real estate scene. We’ve seen folks wrestling with changes, moving in, moving out, searching for their little piece of Austin to call home. And through it all, one truth stands out—the value of home has never been clearer or more cherished.

As we edge toward the end of the year, reflection becomes our shared companion. We think about the homes we’ve seen change hands, the new neighbors we’ve welcomed with a warm “Howdy,” and those we’ve bid farewell to, wishing them luck on their next adventure. This year, more than ever, we’ve learned the true value of ‘home.’

Home isn’t just four walls and a zip code—it’s where the heart feels free to dance to the rhythm of our own drumbeat. It’s where we gather our tribe around the table, with a spread that rivals the best BBQ joints in town, and give a toast to love, to family, to the memories we’ve made and the traditions we’re crafting, one shared story at a time.

Close up shot of wine glass clinking

So, whether you’re toasting marshmallows in your backyard fire pit or strumming a guitar on your porch, remember this: every laugh shared, every “cheers” echoed, and every “y’all come back now” is what makes a house a home. In Austin, we’re not just building houses; we’re creating a mosaic of memories that will outshine the Capital’s dome.

As we look forward to the new year, let’s carry with us the lessons and the love we’ve nurtured in our homes. Let’s spread that Austin kindness like we do our famous hot sauce—liberally and with a smile.

Here’s to being home for the holidays, to the homes we’ve been blessed with, and to the memories yet to come. Keep it weird, keep it thankful, and keep it right at home, Austin.

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