Best Austin Neighborhoods: The Clarksville & Old Enfield Guide

Looking for a neighborhood that seamlessly blends the historic and upscale? Old Enfield and Clarksville are two prestigious neighborhoods in Old West Austin that have a sophisticated charm unlike anywhere else. 

Old Enfield and Clarksville are highly sought-after neighborhoods with a rich history. Not only are these two of the oldest neighborhoods in Austin, but they are also located in the heart of the city—just minutes from downtown, the University of Texas Austin, and central Austin.

This neighborhood guide highlights what makes Clarksville and Old Enfield special places where so many Austinites want to live.

Zip Code



Average Price/SqFt*



Home Styles

Historic Homes, Pre-War Victorian Estates, Bungalows, Luxe Contemporary Mansions

Average Home Price*


$1.47 M

Est Off-Market Transactions


*Based on 2022 Sold data for Clarksville.

Texas is a non-disclosure state. This means that the sales price of real property is not recorded and made available through the public record. The majority of properties are sold as off-market transactions. These transactions also often include an NDA to protect both the buyer and seller. The financial details of these transactions are not public record and are not reflected in ABoR’s MLS data.

Old Enfield & Clarksville Real Estate

Thinking about moving to Old Enfield or Clarksville? Before you start searching for the perfect home, here’s what you need to know about the neighborhoods and their real estate.

Neighborhood Ambiance

Diners catch up on the patio at Clark's in Clarksville

Clarksville and Old Enfield are unlike any other neighborhoods in Austin. These established neighborhoods offer a historic charm without losing their air of class and sophistication. The neighborhoods are smaller, more exclusive, and highly coveted due to their proximity to downtown.


While individual homes in these neighborhoods provide privacy, residents still experience the benefits of a tight-knit community. With long-standing community events and deep roots in history, these neighborhoods are ideal for those who are ready to put down or re-establish roots in the city of Austin.

Architectural Styles

White gabbled home with a porch and arched entryway in Clarksville

Old Enfield and Clarksville offer a mix of historic homes that have been expanded and renovated as well as cutting-edge contemporary homes. With smaller early 1900s bungalows alongside large pre-war Victorian estates, the mix of real estate makes these neighborhoods in Old West Austin distinctive.


In these neighborhoods, you might find a large, luxe contemporary mansion next to a lime green retro house that hasn’t been updated since the 80s. It also wouldn’t be uncommon to see a 20-unit apartment complex next to a $20 million home. The mix of styles, sizes, and types of homes give Old Enfield and Clarksville a certain quirkiness that’s quintessentially Austin.


Due to their deep sense of history, Clarksville and Old Enfield very rarely have opportunities for residents to build new homes. Instead, the older homes are renovated and remodeled to include contemporary amenities. These more exclusive communities have fewer home opportunities in general. So be prepared to spend resources on renovating if you plan to move to the area. 

Average Home Price

The average home price of those homes sold on the public market in Clarksville is $1,476,331 or an average of $784 per square foot. The average home price of those homes sold on the public market in Old Enfield is $2M or an average of $673 per square foot


This data is limited as many of the homes sold in these areas are done so privately. Both of these areas are highly desirable, so opportunities to purchase a home are few and far between. It is critical to have a realtor that knows the area well and has connections in the community to access off-market opportunities.


With a walkability score of 81, the Old West Austin area often finds itself on lists of the top walkable neighborhoods in Austin. While driving remains one of the most popular ways to get around the city of Austin, Clarksville and Old Enfield offer shaded sidewalks, plenty of space for biking, and a bus route that passes through the community.


Clarksville and Old Enfield are part of the Austin Independent School District and zoned for highly-rated public schools, including Matthews Elementary, Casis Elementary, O. Henry Middle School, and Stephen F. Austin High School. The area is also home to Kirby Hall School, a private K-12 preparatory school.

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