chairman of the boar-d

Carlton (aka Damnit Carl) is a very charismatic potbellied pig with more sass than a reality TV star. This dude went from being abandoned as a piglet to rescued and living the high life. He’s basically the swine version of a Kardashian, starring on CBS All Access, Disney, National Geographic, Meta Quest, and basically every platform you can think of. Heā€™s was even featured as Jimmy Kimmel’s Workout of the Week. Oh, and did I mention he’s got more viral videos than you have Instagram followers? Yeah, Carlton’s got that influencer game on lock. He even flexed his piggy muscles in a Meta Quest commercial and partied with the stars of The Vampire Diaries. šŸ˜Ž


But Carlton’s not all bougie. Heā€™s got a soft spot too. He knows he hit the adoption jackpot, so now he’s all about raising money and awareness for all of the pigs at Central Texas Pig Rescue. Heā€™s also a certified therapy pig who visits schools, hospitals, and hospices to spread the love. So, while he might come off a bit bratty, deep down, he’s got a heart of goldā€¦ wrapped in designer threads.


  • 5 Years as a Social Media Influencer
  • ~150 Coffees Stolen, Spilled, and Sipped
  • 500 (and counting) Kerbey Lane Fruit Cups Consumed
  • 30,000+ Pumpkins Donated to Austin’sĀ  Livestock Sanctuaries
  • Ā 
  • Ā 


  • Mud Baths
  • Organic Produce
  • Comfy Sofas and West Elm Blankets
  • Pet Therapy

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