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Austin Real Estate Market Update: May 2024

Austin's real estate landscape continues to evolve, reflecting broader national trends and the unique local dynamics of this vibrant city. As we delve into the May 2024 micro market report, several patterns emerge, illustrating a market that is both competitive and varied across different neighborhoods. For those interested in the granular details, the full report is available here.

Market Highlights by Zip Code

78703 - Clarksville, Enfield, Pemberton Heights, Tarrytown

78704 - Barton Hills, Travis Heights, Zilker

78734 - Lakeway

78735 - Barton Creek, Sunset Valley

78746 - Westlake Hills

Across all these zip codes, the Austin real estate market shows signs of steady growth, though the pace varies by area. The demand for housing in central and south Austin remains robust, driven by the city’s ongoing economic expansion and cultural appeal. However, peripheral areas like 78734 and 78735 are also gaining traction as more people look for more space and natural amenities.

To better understand the dynamics of Austin’s real estate market, we’ve included several infographics that highlight key statistics such as median sales price, days on market, and inventory levels for each featured zip code.


The Austin real estate market continues to be a complex landscape shaped by a variety of factors including economic growth, demographic shifts, and lifestyle changes. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, staying informed about these trends is crucial.


For a deeper dive into the Austin real estate market, consider exploring the full May 2024 micro market report available here.

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