Amanda Quick

Operations Manager

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  • 20+ Years in Client Relations
  • 10+ Years in Operations Management


  • Music, singing, songwriting
  • Positive reinforcement pet training
  • Animal Welfare and advocacy 
  • Photography
  • Community Outreach

About amanda

With over two decades in client relations and operations management, Amanda is an expert at curating the client experience and making sure every transaction flows smoothly from start to finish. Amanda’s skillset is excedingly broad, from communication to organization to project management, but the cohesive underpinning of all these areas of expertise is Amanda’s deep sense of conscientiousness and personal responsibility. Coupled with her experience as a transaction coordinator, being a two-time homeowner herself has provided Amanda with an acute comprehension of the highs and lows of the Austin housing market’s shifts and patterns, allowing her to guide clients through the administrative aspects of buying or selling with empathy and understanding with each milestone of the transaction. 
Originally from Atlanta, Amanda has been in Austin since 2015, where she has immersed herself not only in her real estate career, but also in the animal rescue and advocacy community. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to found and consult on pet care facilities, speak on burnout and compassion fatigue in the veterinary field, speak at SXSW on social media influencing and its benefits to the animal community, and more. She is the founder of Austin’s largest pumpkin repurposing green initiative, collecting over 10,000 pumpkins each year from Austin residents to be donated to local livestock rescues for food for their resident rescued animals.
When she isn’t at work, you can likely find her on a kayak or SUP on Town Lake with her dog or pig, volunteering at Central Texas Pig Rescue, cultivating her creativity through content creation on her social media channels, learning Spanish, learning guitar, or guest speaking about animal welfare, what it’s like to live with a pig, the benefits of punishment-free pet training, and why integrative medicine matters for pets! 

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