Austin Luxury Homes App by The Giles Group​

Stepping into the world of luxury real estate in Austin? The Giles Group has their very own app: Austin Luxury Homes is the ultimate tool to browse, save, and share your preferences with your agent on your home search! Gain access to both MLS listings and our exclusive listings, plus we never sell your data – unlike some other home search apps.

Why Choose Austin Luxury Homes App?​

Exclusive Access: Dive deep into the luxurious world of Austin’s real estate with both MLS listings and The Giles Group’s exclusive properties at your fingertips.


Uncompromised Privacy: In this digital age, data privacy is a concern. Rest assured, Austin Luxury Homes prioritizes your privacy. Your data remains yours, and will never be sold.


Customization & Communication: Save your unique home search preferences, set up custom listing alerts, and when you have a question? Connect directly with a Giles Group agent, all within the app.

A Quick Peek into the App Features

Login Page:

Clients/users register by simply providing their name, email, and phone number. 


Map View:​

This feature offers a visual representation of Austin’s luxury real estate landscape. Green dots indicate active listings, while blue are for open houses. Zoom into neighborhoods to uncover more properties or tap the search bar to pinpoint specific zips and criteria.



Intuitive Filter System:​

Narrow down your search by selecting your exact preferences, whether it’s homes with a certain number of bedrooms or condos in a particular neighborhood.


Smart Search:​

With its intuitive interface, the app allows for quick searches just by opening it. Look at the map, spot the pins, and you’ll know the status of a listing. Active and open house listings are available for view by default.

Listing Details: ​

Every listing is a story waiting to be told. Tap on a green dot and you’ll see a snapshot of what the property offers. Delve deeper by tapping on the photo and explore the property in detail – from directions and descriptions to unique features. And if a property catches your fancy? Favorite it, jot down notes, share it with others, or reach out to an agent right away.


The Austin Luxury Homes app by The Giles Group is not just another real estate app. It’s a curated experience designed to cater to those with a penchant for luxury and a desire for an intuitive and comprehensive home search tool. Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or someone just starting out on your luxury home journey, this app promises a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and customization.

Ready to embark on your Austin luxury home journey? Download the Austin Luxury Homes app and let The Giles Group guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to start your home search in the Austin area?